Who’s That Girl?


AQ/AQ Disciple Cream Dungaree Jumpsuit ℅ Bollare





Photos by: Scott Brasher


You don’t understand how obsessed I am with AQ/AQ. I first discovered the re-worked version of the brand (formerly known as Aqua by Aqua) back in November. I hastily purchased a dress to replace my birthday dress and had it next day delivered to my friend in New Jersey as we were flying out to Dubai from NYC in two days. Their pieces make you feel like a whole new woman. I can’t even describe how I feel when I put this jumpsuit on. I’ve worn it three times already and it’s still just as invigorating. Eventually I think I will have it dyed black before my dry cleaner gets sick of me, it does drag on the floor after all.

This is the second installment in my shoot with Scott Brasher at the Boca Raton Beach Club. You can check out our other shoots here. I paired this jumpsuit with the Saint Laurent Jane sandal to give me height and add to my vixen-esque feel. They’re perfect as they go unseen and don’t take away from the jumpsuit in any way. This was also my first shoot with my natural hair. I curled it before leaving the house, that did not last at all. It also swelled from Florida’s humidity before I even got to the shoot, so by the end my hair definitely is quite large and eventually I put it up.

Above I picked out some of my favorite AQ/AQ pieces. Of course your best option is to shop directly from their site (beware you may incur a customs fee, they ship from London). I hope to add much more from AQ/AQ to my collection in the months to come.


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  1. says

    YES, SIDE BOOB! Yessssssssssss. I’m certainly going to get into AQ/AQ after this baby. And the natural hair looks good. It lost curl, and swelled but it gave this perfectly contrasted messiness to this very clean look. You look amazing.

  2. says

    Amazing look! So glam & classy in all white & that comment made me laugh (about the Lover shorts), I don’t even know how I’m wearing them two sizes too big, they’re humungous but yes ,I love them too much to give up haha
    Also checked out the post with you on top of that building, love the photos & the crisp outfit! If I ever come to Miami we’ll def have to shoot together!

    The Fashann Monster