Ultimate Beach Waves

The lovely folks at Kerastase took me to lunch a few months ago and gifted me with their Couture Styling collection. I’ve been falling in love with the collection ever since. I decided to test out one of the products I hadn’t used yet one day when I wanted to mix up the look of my sleek new haircut. I liked it so much I decided to film a YouTube video. While it takes me an eternity to film and edit these things I do like them now. It’s a very interesting process. Very different from traditional blogging but still similar.

Below are photos from the first day I tried the product, where I used less and the above photos are from the day I shot the video where I used a lot more of it. Check out the rest of Kerastase’s Couture Styling collection below. There are some real gems and must-haves.

6 Responses to Ultimate Beach Waves

  1. The ending result is so great and it looks awesome when your hair is wet too.
    Lily recently posted..PALM TREES / MADE IN HELL-A

  2. Your hair looks amazing! Loved the tutorial, so quick and easy!

    Kim recently posted..90’s THROWBACK

  3. Stunning, love.

    Thanks for your comment.
    New post on my blog
    See you soon

  4. your hair looks fantastic!!


  5. Your hair looks awesome! I love styles that look effortless.
    Jamie recently posted..Best Black Leggings For Women

  6. This particular product line is SO ON POINT, right???
    Maria recently posted..You, Too, Can Be a Top Chef. Really.

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