Riding Through LA

2015 Outlander Sport SE.

2015 Outlander Sport GT 2.4L

2015 Outlander Sport SE.

2015 Outlander Sport SE.

2015 Outlander Sport SE

Driving: Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

I drove in Los Angeles! This is kind of a huge deal for me. It’s something I said I would never do. Even being a passenger on LA roads has been scary to me. Sometimes you gotta just go for it though.

Lucky me, I got to do my first LA highway experience in the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport. It’s a “Top Safety Pick” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Dynamic styling, roomy, and safe. I’m sold.

I’ve driven an Outlander before if you remember and loved it. The sport has me completely sold on Mitsubishi. It features a more powerful engine, yet is still great on gas. It’s one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in its class.

I drove around LA and out to Palm Springs for Coachella in total comfort. The sound insulation is stellar and cuts down on road noise. It’s not a luxury vehicle, yet somehow feels luxurious.

I spent a lot of time snapchatting in it. The sunroof is divine! It’s huge, it lets in so much great selfie light haha. I even pulled over to hop in the spacious trunk and take photos. Typical.

I wish I could share all those photos but I left my phone in a cab in NYC about a week later and hadn’t backed up. So big thanks to Mitsubishi for sharing these amazing photos with me so I could tell my story.

Thank you to Drive Shop for the car loan! All opinions are my own.

Swept Away In Palm Springs







Wearing: Vintage Jean Jacket | Crochet Dress ℅ Pretty Odd Boutique | Chanel Sandals

Boy do I miss Palm Springs. I swear you can shoot anywhere and everywhere in that town. I felt swept away there…so alive…so free. It was the start of me getting over so much. Do you think places have healing energy? Or maybe it’s just getting out and hitting the open road.

We took these on my first trip out there when it was a bit cooler. Now that we’re in the height of summer this look wouldn’t quite work with the jean jacket. At the same time, I feel like the dress needs the jacket. You know some pieces that are just kind of dull on their own. They just don’t seem to work until one day you find something that just meshes. Eureka!



photos by Emily Malan

Photo Diary: Los Angeles


Braless Tank ℅ Gear From Last Night



I took a last-minute trip out to Los Angeles for Memorial Day weekend. It was quite short but I still had so much fun. I stayed at Mr. C Beverly Hills which was an absolute dream. Beautiful hotel, delicious food and even better service. My stay felt reminiscent of staying at The Savoy in London. Minus the butlers of course. 😂😂😂

I was pretty stereotypical LA this trip with my hiking and smoothies etc. Runyon Canyon has been on my list of things to do though so I’m glad I did it with minimal complaining. It was fun and I’d definitely do it again. Though I’m scared of heights and clutched my chest on the way down. How did you guys spend Memorial Day weekend?