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Goody Hair Ties

Sometimes having all this hair on my head is less than glamorous in the Florida heat. You know you’re out and about and it’s just too much to handle so you reach for you trusty wrist hair tie and toss that sucker right up. Ahhh sweet relief. I don’t often have my hair anything other than down on my blog so I wanted to share with you a style you can usually find me rockin in my daily life.

2 Goody hair elastics
A cool scarf/bandana


Take your hair and place it up on top of your head as high as you can and put your hair in a ponytail


Take the ponytail and wrap it around the base forming a bun and place your Goody elastic to hold it in place


Roll your scarf/bandana up from smallest to largest


Wrap around the base of your hair to the top to tie at the front


Tie in a knot twice for that “retro” look. Voila.

I like to do this particular hair style as a way to keep my hair off my neck and still look put together. If you’re like me you always keep a hair tie or two around, you know the typical girl stuff, tampons, a lipstick or two and hair ties. When you’re in need of any of those things it is so nerve-wracking trying to dig one up. Luckily U by Kotex has teamed up with Goody to have your back. Purchase any UbyK product at Target you will receive a free pack of Goody hair ties. 2 birds, one stone.

Text KOTEX to TARGET (or, 827438) to get your coupon.


This post is sponsored by U by Kotex and Style Coalition.

15 Responses to The Essentials

  1. See when I do this to my hair with the bandana my friends call me hood. I guess too many of the heathens in DC do it so I “can’t possibly” wear it. I still love it, it’s cute, and I’ll rock it all i want.
    Eat.Style.Play recently posted..Style- Striped Jeans

    • LOL hood?! It’s retro! Maybe try different prints or scarves with the tie in back like flowing on your back. The only reason I didn’t use a traditional bandanna print is because mine are pretty ratty because I use them for sleep.

  2. Love this little tut, but I bet you I couldn’t do it to save my life. I would somehow make it look weird.
    Rachelle recently posted..Birthday & Presents

  3. Oh definitely need to try this out
    Such a cute look
    S xx
    shradha recently posted..If I Told You, That This Couldn’t Get Better Baby //

  4. Super cute tutorial. Love your pretty hairdo

    xx Mira

  5. Super cute hairstyle, too bad I have a bob (sigh).
    christen brandli recently posted..The Wynwood Building

  6. This is so pretty. Its an edgy cuteness! Not sure I could get away with it but you def do. x

  7. love this! i also have some goody spin pins which helps me get my hair up easier, i can never do this with elastics
    steph recently posted..New Instagram

  8. First off, according to my Bloglovin, I’ve missed 4 posts.
    How, I do not know…but then I’m the type of girl to forget anniversaries…so it’s not that hard to believe.
    Secondly, I’m 100% stealing this look. The heat and my lack of time forbid me from looking Pantene commercial chic…so being able to do a quick and fast up-do is a must.
    Martha recently posted..Pencil Pusher

  9. Looking forward to see your new post. Have a happy Tuesday!!

    xx glamdevils
    Mira recently posted..OOTD Lola and Rihanna For River Island Cap International Giveaway

  10. This looks really good on you! Thanks for sharing!
    With love,


    n e w b l o g |

  11. I could spend my entire life wearing head accessories. I totally love this look but i never wear my hair that high up so mission impossible. ;-}

    • Yeah I usually wear my hair up in the house when I just need it away from me but rarely out and about until I started doing this style. I feel like I gotta mix it up, because my hair is ALWAYS down.


  12. you are absolutely beautiful! i have a pixie cut and wearing a scarf like you tied your bandana is perfect for dealing with central Texas heat.
    miss donna recently posted..keep the change | $20 budget – August

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