Straight For Your Heart




Wearing: Filthy Magic Harness DressAsos 90s Crop TopUNIF Axl Shorts (in black) |Jeffrey Campbell Potion Wedges

So I’m currently sitting in an apartment in New York drinking a glass of red and it’s 39 degrees outside. These photos were shot several weeks ago at the SLS Hotel South Beach. I had so much fun that night and it was definitely kicked off at the SLS. My planned Valentine’s Day outfit post didn’t work out due to missing the sun, but I remembered I had these shots AND I’m wearing red.

Hope you’re enjoying your Valentine’s Day as much as I am. :)


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  1. says

    You look amazing!! I just ordered a bunch of Asos crop tops & can’t wait to style them when the temperature decides to go above 30. I hope you had a fun Valentines Day <3

  2. says

    Happy Valentine’s Day cutie <3 Love love LOVE this outfit. The Harness Dress is sooooo killer and I'm loving all the edge with that and your shorts and shoes.

  3. says

    I luv this outfit boo. I mean i got to see this bby in action! WHAT WHAT. that harness dress rules and i still need those shorts. all the colors too. SIGH

  4. says

    That fuzzy picture is really beautiful…is there any way to “fix” it?
    This look is 100% Ria.
    Chic, unique, sexy, pretty and edgy.

    • says

      Not really unfortunately. It’s wayyy too soft. I probably could have fixed a little bit but I was making brownies in a penthouse apartment in new york so I was unconcerned haha.

      Thanks babe!


  5. GirlHero says

    Hi, great blog!!! I know I am commenting on a post from like two years ago, but oh well. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a unif dress, and saw that you had sold yours on poshmark. Anyways I was wondering if you still have these JC potion wedges (I have been looking for them everywhere in a 7.5/8).And If you do (in either one of those sizes) and willing to sell them, let me know. Thx. You have seriously great style :) My posh closet :

    • says

      Hey unfortunately no, they broke on me eventually and I bought the Opening Ceremony x Chloe Sevigny shoes they were based on. You can find some kicking around on ebay sometimes.