Sit to Savor


10th Tribe Limited Edition Zion Beanie heartbullet Crop Top c/o 2bebe heartbullet Motel Rocks Jordan Jeans heartbullet H&M Harness Boot





Photos by Amanda Del Duca

Since getting this beanie I’ve been in it constantly. I wear it in the house until my head gets hot and then I take it off and put it back on 10 minutes later. Repeat. This beanie paired with this crop top 2bebe sent over with the monochrome (omg so on trend!!1!1!!) Motel pants had me walking around jamming to the Kendrick Lamar station on Pandora like I was a BOSS. When Tupac came on…forgettttt it. You know your outfit is good when old ladies compliment it. Thumbs up.

Amanda came over to discuss a shoot were planning and see my condo. I like to see the different reactions people have to my space. I think hers has been my favorite. “Riaaaaaaaaa, why is this not on the blog?! You need to shoot allllllll of this” haha. Thanks for shooting me Amanda!


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  1. says

    Now I want to see the inside of your place. And I’ve been really into beanies too. I think it’s because it goes really well with my current hairstyle, which is probably the same for you.

  2. says

    I am in love with these pants…I would wear them with a big chunky sweater!!
    Speaking of sweater, hope you’re staying warm in NYC!!
    Keeping my fingers crossed that this storm blows over soon!

  3. says

    She’s right! I love to see stylish people’s homes :D I recently discovered your blog via Instagram, and I just wanted to say hi and that I loooove your style. It’s really refreshing and different.