Setting The Standard for Lazy Sundays

Tank Dress (Similar) Nylon Japan Furoku Bag Jeffrey Campbell Alexa Wedge

Filthy Magic
Large Round Sunglasses Filthy Magic & Chris Habana Jewelry

Lily and I love The Standard here in Miami. On Sunday’s they have “Lazy Sunday“…a poolside barbeque, a bar, and a DJ paired with amazing Miami weather. What more could you want?

1. The View
2. Lily with our mojito pitcher
3. Day drinking glow
4. Our grub


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  1. says

    OMG… I so need to tag along on one of those Lazy Sundays, it sounds so fun and relaxing especially on a nice sunny day! You and Lily know about all the hot spots lol

    • says

      Yes! The Standard is the bomb, the only thing that’d make it better is an open bar. On special event Sunday’s they have open bar within a certain time so that’s cool. This Sunday I’ll be there with Kanon Vodka and Lily for WMC.

  2. says

    A pitcher of mojitos is where it’s at! You’re still living in Broward county right? you should just move to Miami. seems like there’s much more to do there.

    Love the JC wedges.

    • says

      Yeah I am :( Wahhh I mean I love it but getting back and forth to Miami can be a pain mostly because right now I don’t have a car. That’ll be fixed shortly though. Everything I do is in Miami, but my condo is big and affordable in Hollywood. If I lived there I’d be living in a place as big as my living room. >_<

      • says

        So true. I loved living in Broward County. you definitely get more bang for your buck. but since you do so much in Miami, it does get annoying driving back and forth.

        Congrats on your soon to be new car!