Popped Up On Tv

Bottega Veneta 199/s (grey) . Juicy Couture 539/s (black/blue)
Alexander McQueen 4219 (nude) . Marc Jacobs 501/S (black)
Saint Laurent SLP Classic 1/s

I recently appeared on NBC 6 Miami’s, 6 in the Mix tv show to talk sunglasses and fall trends. I absolutely die for the Saint Laurent pair, they’re such amazing quality and have a great weight to them. You guys know I love sunglasses and I love unique pairs that really stand out. It’s very rare for me to like a plain black pair of sunglasses but these Saint Laurent’s are really all I can think about. This post isn’t sponsored or anything but I did pick out some of my favorite pairs of sunglasses I worked with on NBC from Solstice Sunglasses. Below the cut, you can check out the actual segment.

It was a very interesting experience, very different from the other opportunities I’ve had to work on the news or on camera. I enjoy the challenge television brings and am constantly growing from the opportunities presented to me. With that said, a lot of my readers have been asking me about doing more video with YouTube. I’m working on it! I’ve already filmed two videos and haven’t edited them as yet but keep an eye out. In the meantime you can subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out.


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