Moonlight Hides Your Fears


Nelly Chain Necklace . Asos Leather Jacket . Moon Child Tee c/o High Heel Suicide . Velvet Accent Sequin Leggings c/o Shop Akira . Jeffrey Campbell x LF limited edition Poland boot




“Fuck Off” iPhone 5 Case c/o Candies Gifts

Sequin Pants

When I first got these pants from Shop Akira I totally thought I’m going to wear them with something solid black and totally simplify the whole thing. Cut to me feeling like a rock star which is always a good thing. I found a forgotten basket of clothing recently and out emerged this tee from High Heel Suicide (so soft). I immediately put it on and tied that baby up and I knew I had  my outfit for the evening. That’s it I thought…except I glanced this chunky necklace my mom gave me from Nelly and knew I had to wear it. It’s crooked in every shot of course. Womp womp. The jacket you’ll remember from my last post. It was grabbed last minute as I was running out the door and suggested by my boyfriend to keep me warm when it cooled down later after dinner.

P.S. Major kudos to anyone who knows where my title comes from. Such a good band, jamming to their entire discography now.

17 Responses to Moonlight Hides Your Fears

  1. Girl you look hot! This outfit is definitely rock star status.

  2. you’re SERVING per usual! Rockstar indeed!
    JIN @ LOVE LOSS + LACQUER recently posted..outfit inspiration // CORAL-ATION

  3. How come wherever I do that cute bent over pose i look like a creep haha, you do it and you awesome! haha. I love it! and it’s rare that someone knows how to “do” sequins pants at least! I love it, and that phone case is so badass.
    Eat.Style.Play recently posted..Blood Orange Season Part 1 of 4 (Blood Orange Juice)

    • I think the secret is I was trying to act like I was head banging and then flipped my hair over to fix it and was caught in the moment.

  4. just love it all!
    & those pants
    Great look love…


  5. Love the basic crop!!
    S xx
    shradha recently posted..ILWF WishList

  6. Go off. Your booty in these paaaaaaaaants. And obsessed with the title of this post. The sunlight was the perfect accessory. And rock star you are, my dear.
    Mattie recently posted..Cool

  7. Awesome pants and necklace.

  8. I can never say no to sequins. And as for that iPhone case…you may be warding off good-energy phone calls, missy!
    Maria Tettamanti recently posted..By: Nikki Novo

  9. It’s the kind of pants that need to be right by the lightshow. I’m sure they would super shimmer in the dark. recently posted..World Town Miami WMC: MYNC Presents Cr2 Live and Direct Pool party

  10. very glamourous and gorgeous!

  11. You look amazing yo! Loveeee the pants

    Young, Wilde & Free recently posted..Don’t Look Back.

  12. I feel like you caught the sun at the perfect time for these photographs. It makes you look very beautiful. I love your Akira pants, it’s crazy how big it’s gotten because it’s such a Chicago thing. Thanks for stopping by my site. Also, I saw you in Essence Magazine. The new April issue with Tia and Tamara on the cover. Congrats!!! xx

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