Mobile Diary: New York

Miami-Fashion-Blogger-Net-A-Porter-Piers-AtkinsonTrying on Piers Atkinson’s Googlie-Eye Veiled Baseball Cap at the Net-A-Porter Showroom

Photo via Net-A-Porter

1. Illesteva Leonard 2 round-frame acetate mirrored sunglasses
2. Le Specs + CRAIG & KARL Hi Brow round-frame acetate sunglasses
3. The Row Leather Backpack

1. Visiting the Lacoste Showroom with my NYFW roomie Erika Thomas
2. That printed shoe is calling my name
3. Thank you so much Lacoste for the Berdine Sneaker Wedge

Met up with my fave Arabelle, always a pleasure. Wish I could have stayed out longer.

Danielle-Nicole-Marble-BagsVisiting the Danielle Nicole Showroom. That backpack is a must, snapped it on instagram too!

1. My fellow Miami fashion blogger, NYFW partner and roomie and I going selfie crazy while we wait for our car
2. Testing out the Droid MAXX‘s front facing camera for the first time while grabbing brunch at P.J. Clarke’s

Overall I had a pretty good fashion week. I got to see some of my favorite people, connected with my favorite brands, discovered new ones. Talk to me about Le Spec!! $90 sunglasses…unheard of such a steal for a crazy like me who spends quite a bit on sunglasses. At the shows I spent more time looking at the show, and less time trying to get that shot for instagram. The last thing we needed was another runway shot on Instagram.

Verizon Wireless let me use one of their Android’s to capture my nyfw moments. I learned having two phones in New York is better than one. I will also never utter a bad word about an Android again (other than the lack of emoji). I used the Droid Maxx and it is pretty freckin sweet. The screen is gorgeous, it’s intuitive and I love the swipe typing feature. Big thanks to them for letting me use their service AND the phone.



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  1. says

    Wow, no shade to other folks but I love when people go up to NY and post themselves doing fashion related things during FW. The showroom visits are very cool, I’ve always been curious to see what they look like and I can imagine playing around in that stuff is the coolest thing. Also that camera …for it to front facing looks super clear! I wonder why they slipping over here with mine. It looks like it’s from 2006 but the back camera is amazing! All these phone companies need to do better!

    • says

      Yes it’s fine to see fashion related things during FW but I don’t want to get on my instagram and see 700 blurry photos from a fashion show all in succession. There’s fatigue on that kind of thing. I was talking with a group of influential people who work for a brand and they were like yes, a few pictures is fine but there’s definitely a ratio before your audience starts to not care. Not to be all preachy either but analytics wise, readers respond less even for BIG bloggers. Also the I just really want you to know I was here type mindset. Like relax.

      Some brands really take their showroom aesthetic to 100. Like Lacoste has great art on their walls, photos from events they put on. NAP’s matches their sites branding FLAWLESSLY. Others are just hey this is our room with clothes and a conference table.

      The front facing camera on these Android’s even with very little lighting is pretty impressive. I’m mad about it haha.