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About a month ago, before I played hookey from life and ran off to Disney World followed by a last minute trip to London; I popped into Julien Farel salon for a YSL manicure/pedicure. The owners Betsy and Gwen are the best. Super sweet, genuine and interactive. If I lived closer I’d definitely make this my regular spot for my beauty services. Not only are they equipped for your hair styling and nail service needs but they also have massages, facials, peels, waxing etc. All with the most highly trained beauty professionals in the world. You’ll be getting top tier service here. Some of their celebrity clients include Salma Hayek, Ivanka Trump, Simon Cowell, Stacey Dash and more.

While enjoying the organic scrub of my YSL pedicure and a glass of wine I snapped the above shot. I chose the color Fuchsia Neo-Classic. Check out more of YSL’s iconic shades. My mani/pedi includeded the organic scrub, a masque with a hot towel, and a massage. I’m happy to report that my nails were still in tact 7 days later. Check out Julien Farel salon and get 50% off the YSL mani-pedi and 10% off any other services, just mention my name. Enjoy!

200 South Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 700A, Miami, FL 33131
View Map | (305) 372 1278


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  1. says

    Gorgeous interior, loving the orange! I’ll have to check it out. Can’t wait to hear (and hopefully see) all about your Euro trip, miss your face!


  2. Lauren at adorn la femme says

    I wish my salon would use YSL~ and the decor and the wine!! Wowzers! What a way to have a mani!! You have found the perfect nail retreat!!! Must find one like it in LA!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  3. Helen Johnson says

    Are you kidding? I go over there from Naples all winter long!

    The only place in Florida to consider doing anything in the beauty department. The products are fabulous as are the services and care.

    The colorist talks to you and cares about what YOU are trying to achieve. That is a big difference from most places where the professionals have an idea about what you are supposed to look like.

    Return OFTEN!

    Helen Johnson
    Naples, Florida