Make Your Mind Up

Stylestalker Heavy Metal JacketH&M Cropped Shirt (old) Motel Jordan Striped Jeans Zara Basic Ankle Strap Heels 202Factory Hardware Clutch

With the time change comes a major loss of light but I really liked this look and Alex thought we could experiment a little. I hope that you like the results, I think they look interesting and it is a nice change from shooting in the day since this is such a night look anyway. I recently wore this look to the movies but with a different jacket…a daytime-r look that really could still pass for an evening look. I’m obsessed with this new Stylestalker jacket, I’ve been wanting it since it was released but never pulled the trigger. I picked it up on PLNDR last week for basically nada and I just pet it every time I go past it on my rolling rack. Pictures don’t do it justice but the second shot is pretty close. So epic.

After this I booked it to Wynwood which is like the art district in Miami for an event with Lacoste L!VE & OhReallyMusic. I can’t wait to share photos of the dress I wore, it’s so cute. Tonight I’m going to a charity gala (my first) and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m not feeling very well though so that really rains on my parade but I’m going to try and keep my spirits up. I still have time to get it together.

All photos by Alex Sierra.

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  1. Love how you’ve styled these i still haven’t worn mine surprisingly!
    S xx

  2. nooo lie, I just added “beetlejuice pants” to my wishlist the other day; sucha great edgy staple!

    XO Sahra
    sahra recently posted..Girl Crush: IHateBlonde

  3. You look AMAZING
    Rocquelle recently posted..Altered

  4. You look Am
    Rocquelle recently posted..Altered

  5. Loving this look chica! I still can’t believe I’ve never worn my b/w stripe Jordan jeans. They’re looks o good on you. Also, loving these night shots! I was thinking about trying some myself, this weekend. And the heavy metal jacket is amaaaazing. I kinda wish I picked one up myself but I guess having the skirt is enough, haha.
    Melanie recently posted..Tough it Out

  6. You and your photog nailed the night time look! Im usually opposed to night photos but here and there i go for it. The location, dim lights and your outfit works perfectly! cute!
    Taliah recently posted..How to Wear: 3 Classic Winter Coats

  7. Oh and thanks for the comment on my blog, it made my day. And I also wanted to say how sincerely happy I am for all the success that you’re having with your blog.
    Melissa recently posted..I Love Fall Tag

  8. I’m in love with this jeans!!!!
    They compliments your body great!!!
    Stacy recently posted..The World Premiere of The Last Part of "The Twilight Saga"

  9. Great pants, they suit you so well! Hope you felt better and hat fun at the gala.
    pity party for less popular recently posted..Who Will Off the Evil Queen?

  10. Girl that is fierce….looking good. What are your thoughts on wearing accessories with bold prints. I know sometimes accessories can be a good thing, but what if your accessories clash with your bold prints..Would love to hear your thoughts

    • I’m all about accessories. Something I learned from working with Eric Damon the costume designer for Gossip Girl: “Don’t apologize, accessorize”. I really wanted to add accessories with this outfit but I was in a rush when I got dressed and had a very short window to shoot this look and my next before a scheduled appearance. I probably would have added a necklace under the collar of my blouse. Something blingy. Also definitely would be wearing rings, I was kicking myself for leaving the house without rings, and I usually have a few in my car but of course not this time.


      • Yea, I think people should carry a small suitcase in there car with a change of outfit, some jewelry, a few pairs of shoes, bag etc… You never know when you might get invited somewhere fierce, you know. Although I am a guy, I am pretty fashionable ( with my unique style of course) I have about 4 pairs of shoes, a outfit or two and some hats in my trunk.

        Well if you truly into accessories, I am the brand manager for Caviar frames based in Miami, Fl, very fierce, trendy, ornate frames and sun glasses that would jazz up any outfit from a gown to torn jeans. When you get sometime check out the website, let me know what you think…which pair you like and we can go from their. Ciao

  11. PANTS! I just love ‘em!!

    Kristin Clark recently posted..Weekday Errands

  12. Such an edgy look, love the pants
    Nancie recently posted..What I Wore: White Knit

  13. You definitely used the loss of daylight to your advantage in these images. All of these pictures turned out so well, and I really like your shoes and striped pants.
    Oh to Be a Muse recently posted..On My Mind: November 2012

  14. the lighting of this photos is perfect! looking sexy and fabulous, girl!
    febrina utami putri recently posted..BLESSED

  15. Love this look. The night shots work perfect!
    Danny Delgado recently posted..Hello world!

  16. these photos look awesome, gimme dat jacket, bye!

  17. Gorgeous outfit, Ria! Especially love the jacket and your jeans. So impressed with your night-photography too.
    AsianCajuns Lar recently posted..Pre-Turkey TGIF Link Love

  18. Thank you for this inspiration! I recently bought these motel jeans and I’ve been waiting on wearing them out because I didn’t know how to pair it. You look fab!
    Lisa recently posted..Round Deux: Giuseppe Zanotti x Kanye West Collabo

  19. If I end up picking up those pants, it’ll be because of you!

  20. Every time I see those pants, I think of you. They look freaking amazing on you. Oh! I’m excited – I totally scored those shoes recently, and I’m waiting for them to arrive in the mail. SO excited.

  21. You look amazing love your pants!
    CRAVING FOR BARNEYS recently posted..Craving for New York III

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