In The Mood For Empathy

Evil Twin Tides are Turning Maxi Cape (last seen) Neoprene Crop Top c/oLiving Royal XOXO Skirt (thrifted) Alexander Wang Nadia High Heel Filthy Magic Faux Leather Backpack

All photos by Alex of Look Spotter

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to shoot with Alex Sierra. It was cool to shoot with a someone new but it can also make me really nervous. Haha, that’s why I’m laughing at myself/trying not to laugh at myself in a few of these shots. Also I got into a minor car accident after this shoot but it was no big. Someone rear ended me, but it was small so no damage. I had scary flashbacks to my last accident where my car was out of commission and I didn’t have a vehicle for like a year. No effin bueno.

Anyway onto the clothing which is why you’re here. Living Royal was awesome enough to send me that cool crop top which I’ve been wanting to shoot for awhile and I finally got to. I love the coral coloring and the unique shape. I found that skirt at Goodwill for oh I don’t know $5. I love circle skirts so it was a no brainer addition to my closet. The contrast stitching is pretty choice and I like that it has a button closure. It’s a little different. Picked up those Alexander Wang kicks on sale over at ShoeScribe. They’re sold out not but you can still snag them at Farfetch. They are all that and a bag of chips. WHO REMEMBERS THAT PHRASE?! I’m cracking myself up because I am easily amused. Back to Shoe Scribe…stalk their website it’s highly recommended. I missed out on a sick pair of shoes from Hoss Intropia. I was not up on my stalking game and did not heed the “last pair” email warning and I’m still not over the pain.

I’m missing out on going to the movies to write this blog post and catch up on emails so know that I love you because I really really want to see Taken 2, Cloud Atlas (though nobody wants to see this with me grr), The Man with the Iron Fists, Skyfall, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (which I’ll have to track down), and The Bourne Legacy so I’ve got to get in there because I’d prefer to see these things in the theater.

22 Responses to In The Mood For Empathy

  1. Love that Evil Twin cape. Gorgeous pictures, girl!

    x lauren
    Lauren W recently posted..Iridescent

  2. That cape is fantastic!! You look beautiful as always! I am sorry to hear of your accident; I’m glad you’re okay dear.
    Rocquelle recently posted..Change Agent

  3. Loving the cape. And you should wear the coral color always. Looks amazing on you.
    Electric Blogarella recently posted..Your Thursday Night Plans: Join me for Girls Night Out

  4. Such a lovely outfit, the crop top, shoes, skirt, just wow!

  5. Adorable cape.
    Judy recently posted..Blue and gold

  6. love this sweater! fabulous!

    xx amy
    Amy recently posted..Add some sparkle to your day

  7. You look pretty comfortable with this new photog to me. And those Alexander Wangs are pretty gorg.

    Sounds like you have a lot of movies you want to see. If I were in sofla I would go with you to see Perks for sure. Didn’t even know Bourne was still in theaters.
    Oh to Be a Muse recently posted..Makeup and Muses: What’s My Masque-Rade

  8. that cape is so unique! love how you styled this!

  9. hello aziz is my life I diop venezia italy original senegal
    photos are very nice and I wish a long life and success in your activity thank you and good night

  10. I looooooooove this post!

  11. Really great stuff! Love that cape!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  12. You look fabulous as always, Ria! Love your wangs & cape! <3 xox
    HautePinkPretty recently posted..Zara Plaid Blazer + Oxblood Accents + The JETT Boots

  13. Those heels are the hotnes, and I am loving your hair!
    Tineey recently posted..Tough Girl

  14. LOL wish I could be sporting something like this in NY! It’s gonna be a long time before Spring rolls around.

    Not to sound like a total creep or anything, but you have the cutest smile!!

  15. love that top – the whole look is gorgeous
    megan, the frugalista diaries recently posted..5 Ways To Wear Red

  16. This top is everything on you. The color is brilliant…or should I say, all that and a bag of chips.

    Love those shoes as well. Been needing somewhere new to find exercise my shoe shopping problem. *heads to ShoeScribe*
    Mattie recently posted..Mattie Muse: Be Heard

  17. I can’t even handle the fabulosity of those heels…beyond.
    Martha recently posted..Wrap yourself up in Leslie Tessler Designs

  18. Love the top and those shoes. The shoes are just fabulous. Cute look!
    Ariel B recently posted..FD Author Style: Blueberry and Raspberry Delight

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