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Black Friday madness! All day these items have been swirling about in my head and going in and out of my shopping carts. I’ve been really good. I’ve only bought two items out of these nine. Can you guess which ones? What have you guys been buying?

P.S. I would love if you guys vote for me in a Style/Off I’m participating in with Fashion Indie and Abercrombie. What’s in it for you? You can win a shipping spree and trip to New York City!

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    I got some cute stuff on sale. I got a cute beanie >_> …A fun Dress from Forever21, Plaid jeans because the ones I got last year were a disaster tried to make them into shorts and that didn’t work out. I got a Varsity Sweatshirt with an M on it. I also got some hair care products, Mumbo Sauce, and Bras that normally cost me like 50 each. I got two of them for 40. I did well, but I’m still waiting for Asos on Monday.

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      Ha! Thanks for your order. Already placed with my supplier. Let’s hope they don’t screw up the coloring like they did with Comme Coco’s order.

      Sounds like you stayed on the subtle side like I did, didn’t go crazy but definitely made out. I’m waiting for Asos on Monday too.


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