I Will Be Just Fine

Filthy Magic Aria Lace Top J Brand Beatnik Jeans c/o Vogue Magazine Custom Clutch Cover c/o Clutched & Covered Zara Basic Ankle Strap Heels

This outfit post was sort of a production, despite the actual outfit’s simplicity (no accessories etc). Nothing to do with the outfit, just the overall shooting of it. I guess it all worked out. Love love lace, it’s CLEARLY not Fall in Miami or anywhere in South Florida. Not even a hint of it so relax ya’ll. Maybe the stockings and such can come out later but most days it’s still too hot for even the jeans I’m wearing in this post. Dress for you not blog trends. Just sayin.

Speaking of trends!!! These Zara shoes I’m wearing, everyone has them and whatever I am no exception at $49.90 they’re an effin steal! So cute, so classy and I’m pretty sure they sealed the deal on Lily and I winning a styling contest this week. My advice, don’t wear them anywhere there will be other bloggers/fashion people and that will lessen the chances of seeing someone in your shoes if you’re the type of person that’s bothered by things like that. The average person probably hasn’t gotten the memo on these yet.

Vogue emailed and asked me if I wanted to style a pair of J Brand‘s Beatnik jeans and of course I said yes. First of all who says no to Vogue, second of all LAMBSKIN patchwork. Hi J brand, you seriously know what’s up. The color style is called Vicious, so I think it’s pretty perfect for me.

Last talking point I swear. My clutch is actually a hot neon pink laser cut situation from Asos, sometimes that’s a bit much. Enter Clutched & Covered with a custom solution. You can just tell Rocquelle your clutch’s measurements and pick your pattern and she’s got you covered. I love my chevron print. I also love the leopard print. It’s a great way to make an old piece feel new again without buying a whole new bag. Score yourself one with 15% off using code: RIAISCLUTCHED


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    Ooh, cool pantsss!! I did almost buy those heels last time I was at Zara, but figured everyone would have them eventually haha. Are they comfortable?

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      They are! The heel is super low so it’s like really low key. I want them in the red as well. They’re perfect with practically everything.

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    “Dress for you not blog trends. Just sayin.” AMEN! It’s definitely Fall up her in RI, but even so, I crave my Miami weather and wear shorts on 45 degree mornings while in denial–hah!

    Lovely outfit. The J Brand pants are on point. And aww, I’d love to do a shoot with you sometime, Ria. I don’t just illustrate….I do fashion photography, too! Lmao. Lemme know if you ever wanna get together. When I’m home, of course.

    I’ve also ALMOST purchased those shoes a few times. Tried ’em on in Zara and almost went for it.

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      Girllllll lemme know when you’re home. We’ll meet up. You need to purchase them! They’re such a good buy.

      See but not admitting it’s cold is different to me somehow haha. It’s like you can’t let go of something you did in fact have. This is reaching for something you never had and may never even have. It’s the ultimate try hard which I can’t stand.

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    Your style is just awesome! Im from MIA too and it’s way too hot for scarves and sweaters. I wish it was a bit colder. But it’s better now since it’s in the 70’s in the morning.

    Check out my new post!

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    Not sure why, but I can’t see your outfit in this post…so I just went to your tumblr. I could steal those pants from you…and the clutch!

    And I totally agree on the Zara shoes. I wanted them too, but didn’t like the idea that pretty much everyone has them, so I got slightly similar ones from Free People instead.

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    I am so desperate fall weather. We have been getting sporadic spurt of cooler weather. The lace against the moto leggings is a nice contrast of soft and edgy.