I Start It Up, Turn It Over

Unif Lace Choker DressAnnabelle Snow Leopard Hair Bagc/o BrahminJoe’s Jeans Immense Booties

So I still have pictures from New York fashion week. I know, fashion month is over but like I get overwhelmed when I have a lot of pictures from something. I mean I still have unpublished Swim Week photos…but whatever. This is one of my favorite dresses…although the sleeves have always been too short for me. I swear it’s my size; it’s just small since I’ve got long arms and a whole lot of booty. That should be the title of this post actually.Haha.

This is the first time I ever wore the dress. I rang in 2012 with Lily at Chalk Miami. Seems so long ago now. Lots of people assume it’s vintage, or at least they did during NYFW. Enjoy some more pics below from NYE while I get all emo andreminisceabout the way things used to be.

Thank you to Mattie for taking my photos at Lincoln Center for me!

23 Responses to I Start It Up, Turn It Over

  1. i love your dress! it’s so simple, but sexy at the same time your makeup also looks gorgeous! <3

  2. “Long arms and a whole lot of booty”? Hahahaha. I’ve got the same thing going on!

    Loooove this ensemble. It’s so well put-together and perfectly balanced. This UNIF dress is so pretty. I’ve always loved UNIF and I’m finally taking the plunge and getting some pieces in my closet. So excited
    Melanie recently posted..Puffer

  3. such a great dress!
    amanda recently posted..the nachos that beat me

  4. I like to dress …
    I love these boots

  5. Gorgeous…I love this dress!!
    It does look vintage but you always add your own Ria twist to things…keeping it current and super fab.
    And what’s with the package from Vogue??
    What’s in it??
    Don’t leave us in Tumblr suspense!!!
    Martha recently posted..Fashion for a cause campaign

  6. love the dress and long arms and a whole lotta booty should definitely be the title of your memoirs!


  7. I love this dress. It’s so pretty & so are you. You are too funny with your long arms & booty comment.

  8. the dress really works! work with what you got, girl
    looked like a fun day!

    a coy perspective

  9. Awww! I love that dress and you look TOO cute, Ria!
    Sarah recently posted..Fancy Snaps of Michelle

  10. Lovely look! I bet it would look great with some leather jacket, too. Cute & edgy!

    Thank you for the comment. Stop by anytime again x


  11. Such a gorgeous dress!
    You look absolutely cute!

  12. Love this combination!

  13. Cuteness
    Electric Blogarella recently posted..DIY Dip-Dyed Denim

  14. Ooo hi gorgeous!! You totally killed it at fashion week!


  15. These days I think clothing companies should account for more booty. Your hair looks great and I love the collar on the dress.
    Oh to Be a Muse recently posted..Lookbook: Rhapsody in Blue

  16. I’ve got short arms and a whole lot of booty.

    Love how you combined the elegant lace dress with the edgy shoes. That’s pretty much my style! Elegance + edge.

  17. So gorgeous! I just bought a similar dress and can’t wait to wear it! Love your inspiration
    Rachel recently posted..Fall Style for Everyday

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