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Forever 21 Giveaway

Wee! Lincoln Road is getting some Forever 21 love. To celebrate this I’m giving away the above. To enter this contest I just want it to be clear that you have to be able to get to the Forever 21 Lincoln Road location at 9 am on January 19th! Basically it’s one for the locals only. There we’ll give you your gift card and we can do our style sesh. It’ll be loads of fun and I always love meeting my readers.

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29 Responses to Forever 21 Blogger Crush Contest!

  1. I need more trendy clothes I can wear everyday in my wardrobe.

  2. What don’t I need most is the question! I need some seriously stylish 2013 worthy outfits. My closet seems dull & outdated these days. From some new essential tops to versatile bottoms, my closet could use all the Ria love it can get!
    Vanessa recently posted..California Made Silver Stripped Metallic Vintage 70s Disco Glam Dress Size 0 by DopedollVintage

  3. hey… how do you enter?

  4. What an awesome giveaway, I did a complete halt when I saw your tweet! what a way to start off the new year, would be so amazing to win!!! Fingers and toes crossed, lol.

  5. I soooo did this wrong the first time lol.

    I’m a graduate student that is not quite ready to give up my pseudo-eccentric style to fit into corporate America just yet. I love the classic meets modern, thrifted items paired with new pieces thing… Problem is, I never have the restylable basics to pair it with.

  6. I need more edgy pieces – something that you’d be perfect to help me with!

  7. I need a pair of black (faux) leather shorts, NYFW clothes, and good active wear which, due to how recent my decision to workout was, I have NONE of.
    Simonett Pereira recently posted..The Fashion Exchange

  8. My Drag wardrobe could use a few CUTE new looks:) I’ll show up in a Fun Cyber-Dolly look to the opening If I win XoXo LESLIE QUICK / @TheDSC

  9. I love the new Forever 21 on Lincoln! I want new pastels & sorbet colors for spring!

  10. I need a new wardrobe lol

  11. Wait, the 19th is the day before I go back to Massachusetts. A mini shopping spree and a style sesh with you would be the perfect way to finish up my vacation

    Stay Fierce,
    xoxo Niani

  12. I would love to have you style me and my bump…not sure the harness thing will work but I’m game
    Martha recently posted..Insta-mania!

  13. I need more color and printed jeans with either floral or animal print. These type of pants can be styled up or down for a casual day. Forever 21 has so many options! Hope I win!
    Lynnette Joselly recently posted..Fashion Battle: Bianca Golden vs. Cassie vs. Malaysia Pargo in White Mesh Dress

  14. It would be amazing to have you style me. I’m up to try anything out, a new set of eyes on my wardrobe is always welcome. Especially yours! xoxo

  15. I really need more printed pants in my wardrobe right now!! Forever 21 is known to carry those and I would love to win this giveaway

    With Love,

  16. What do I need in my closet? What dont I need? I find that all my clothing is usually going out clothing or clothes that will not work during the daylight. I want basics and diverse choices that are suitable for school, work, and family environments, not only going out and hanging out. Its a personal goal Ive been trying to achieve but find hard to without really spending some real cash. I want to grow as an individual and though my wardrobe.

  17. some cute girly girl things. I’ve had to get very utilitarian things from my winter boots and cords etc for walking everywhere and not affording to get cute things.

  18. I need everything in my closet! … not really but really…. some floral prints perhaps
    Gissi recently posted..The New Year is here: Ready, Set, Go!

  19. Whoo! Another awesome giveaway! You know I love giveaways haha and I’m in desperate need of expanding my small wardrobe and a styling sesh with you how exciting!! Good luck to everyone who enters and good luck Ria picking a winner! Hope to hear some good news so I have an excuse to pass by the new F21 Xo

  20. shawanda collins

    I need a whole new wardrobe ha ha but I want sexy, colorful and classy

  21. Always worried about how my Khloe Apple is dressed, this mommy tends to forget about herself. I live in leggings and tee’s. Im comfortable, but would love a few nicer “comfy” pieces to add to my wardrobe! Pick me! Pick me!

  22. pants!! i gained weight lol

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