Find Me My Man Premieres Tonight

So I shared with you the bootcamp video of me working with a few girls from Bad Girls Club to find them a man now check out the offiical series. Find Me My Man premieres tonight at 9 PM eastern standard time! Here’s a few sneak peaks for ya:

Oxygen is giving the most challenged daters the skills they need to land their man in the dynamic new series Find Me My Man. When Miamis most hard-to-match ladies have trouble finding the men of their dreams, they call on tough-love matchmaker Natalie Clarice. Known locally as the Titan of Love, Natalie runs the successful agency Heart & Soul International, which helps urban professional women overcome their dating faux pas in order to find their perfect match. In each episode Natalie and her team of romance strategists put two single ladies to the ultimate test using a variety of unconventional and unique techniques. Natalie is determined to crack Miamis hardest cases and isnt afraid to tell it like it is to her strong-willed clients, who are often their own worst enemies when it comes to dating. From a client who has a 15-minute countdown clock for her dates to impress her, to a pageant queen who wears her sash and tiara on first dates, these women have some outrageous quirks that are keeping them from finding love.


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  1. says

    These skanky skanks should have come to me if they wanted to know how to be classy.
    Anyways congrats being able to style them :)