Double Vision




Wearing: Grant Glasses c/o Benji Frank | Make Up For Ever Lipstick Rouge Artist Intense in Moulin Rouge | Eleven Objects Collar

Rain, humidity + my hair…no dice. Thanks a lot Miami for this gloomy day. Anyway, Benji Frank sent over these awesome prescription glasses for me to try a few weeks ago. I’m blind as a bat and wear contacts usually but sometimes you’ll catch me in glasses when wearing contacts becomes too much for my eyes. It’s really important to have a cute pair that you love. I have a leopard print cat eye pair and now these. The simplicity and classic feel of this pair has made it my go to these past few weeks.I’m wearing them right now actually. :p

The Grant is described as being popularized in the 60s by the who’s who. I know a lot of you watch American Horror Story, well it takes place in 1964 and Dr. Oliver Thredson (Leatherface eek) totally wears the same style. I picked out my frames via Benji Frank’s cool Virtual Try On program which was really easy to use. The boy swears that you cannot purchase glasses without first trying them on, OBVIOUSLY he was proven wrong. For people like him though Benji Frank has another cool program called “Try 5 At Home” so all bases are covered. I also urge you to check out their One Pair, One Vision philosophy and business model. Very similar to Tom’s and really sets them apart from other online eyewear options available.

This was a long overdue post, due to my broken camera and waiting on photographers to send me pictures and them not sending them. Lame city. Thanks to Maria over at The Wordy Girl for snapping these photos of me and sending them over the same day. You rock. Fun fact. I called this post “Double Vision” since I shot these photos while wearing my contacts in because I was out at another photoshoot.

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  1. Gorgeous!! And I love those retro glasses…they’re effortless cool.
    Bad vision never looked so good.
    Martha recently posted..Pregnancy Fit Intro (and my first vlog!)

  2. I’m usually a contact girl too, but I got a new pair of glasses just after Christmas, and I haven’t worn contacts since. When you find glasses as cute as your new pair, who needs contacts!?
    Chelsea Rae recently posted..Target to Sell Evening Wear?

  3. Thanks for the shout out, Boo.
    Maria Tettamanti recently posted..By: Fofo

  4. You make a pretty cute Thredson Love these frames. My go to are a pair of Rayban New Wayfarers that I’ve been using for a few years but I’m not sure I’m ready to part from them yet. I’ve never even thought about getting glasses online before. Ahhh, the internet <3

    Also, is that the Style Stalker suspender skirt from Nasty Gal? I was heading to put it in my cart to finally buy it two nights ago and I refreshed the page for some reason and it instantly sold out in my size. Reallllly envious right now. That's exactly how I was picturing I'd wear it!
    Melanie recently posted..Snow Day

    • Hehe! I’m not sure how much Rayban’s are but I feel like they’re probably pricer than these. They’re less than $100 and they help someone in need as well.

      It is the Style Stalker suspender skirt. I had it in my cart for the longest time and was hesitating and then finally decided not to push my lucky because it’d probably sell out even though it’s been available forever. REALLY glad I scooped it up. I also plan on wearing it with a polka dot blouse.

      I didn’t post full outfit looks because I shot streetstyle with a magazine and IF they decide to use my photo, I don’t really wanna scoop them. I don’t know.

  5. Love the glasses really suit you!
    And those dungarees
    Look sweet!
    S xx
    shradha recently posted..I Am Strong When I’m Quiet..

  6. Love the glasses on you!
    And your dungarees look so sweet
    S xx
    shradha recently posted..I Am Strong When I’m Quiet..

  7. You are just the cutest Ria! Like you, I am blind as a bat, so I agree that it is important to have a cute pair of glasses when the contacts start to drive the eyes crazy. The glasses you picked are super cute! I love that they give a pair away as well.
    Rocquelle recently posted..SMILE

  8. LOL burrrrrn on those photogs! Shame. Anyway, you look darling as ever. Makes me wish I wore glasses, hehe
    apneet recently posted..Roadside Attraction

  9. I love these on you. I love wearing my glasses only because they are thick timmed glasses. I don’t know it’s super hard to find them that fit my rounder face.
    Eat.Style.Play recently posted..Cinnamon Roll Fail

  10. very sexy in the glasses!

    annette recently posted..the sherry ratay and minardi experience.

  11. Super cute, lady. Definitely Thredson-ish, just not evil/creepy. Thanks for your honest response in my post, it helps! xo

  12. Super cutie glasses and I love all the gold going on here…can’t believe you were wearing your contacts at the same time! I would get a mega headache!

    Kristin Clark recently posted..Discovery Co. Giveaway

  13. Those glasses are super cute! The pair I have are a 60’s inspired thick square frame glasses. I love them!

  14. What what! Those are some super cute specs lady, and I’ve been meaning to get myself a fun collar so that’s giving me some ideas!
    Anais Alexandre recently posted..Photoshoot With Danny Delgado

  15. what a cute blog!!! really love it!!

    If u want invite u to visit our blog and we can follow each other

  16. Nice word play, my love.

    Frames? Dope. Nails, SICKENING. Eyeliner? Ridiculous. I mean, at this point, saying you’re awesome is an understatement.
    Mattie recently posted..TGIF

  17. love the throwback glasses! Really cute
    Corrie recently posted..Currently Obsessed: Beauty Must Haves Part 2

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