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NineWest Miami


InStyle Magazine has teamed up with Nine West for an exclusive shoe collection. The collection, 9W ♥ InStyle designed by editors and inspired by the runway is of course on trend but more importantly it’s affordable. To celebrate the launch of this new and exclusive collection InStyle is hosting an event on Thursday, March 27th right here in Miami. Boom! Just like that your Thursday evening plans are set and you might even walk away with a new pair of kicks. There is a chance to win a pair of shoes selected by InStyle’s accessories director Leah Karp.

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Hey Santa!


Hook me up! I’ve been pretty good this year…I think. These are a couple of things I’ve been lusting after recently. The McQ Alexander McQueen mesh paneled top lends to my edgy style. I’ve also noticed I have lots and lots of bottoms and not that many tops. That’s something I’m going to actively be working on changing. I also don’t have many light-colored sunglasses and I really love the round shape of these from Karen Walker. The moment I saw these Dolce & Gabbana lace ankle boots I squeed. I was originally on the hunt for their mesh pair but they sold out. These will do just nicely, mama likey. I’m only going to touch on one more thing and that’s the Givenchy Antigona bag. Now this baby is a splurge, but again just like the sunglasses I don’t have a light-colored bag and I’ve been obsessed with Givenchy’s Antigona styles for a while now. What are you hoping for this holiday season?

In n’ Out

Black Friday madness! All day these items have been swirling about in my head and going in and out of my shopping carts. I’ve been really good. I’ve only bought two items out of these nine. Can you guess which ones? What have you guys been buying?

P.S. I would love if you guys vote for me in a Style/Off I’m participating in with Fashion Indie and Abercrombie. What’s in it for you? You can win a shipping spree and trip to New York City!

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