Bye Bye Bangs





It was a fun run, but I’m saying sayonara to my bangssss. I love Perfect Locks extensions and I’m happy to be their first “Lovely Lockette“. I’m taking a break from extensions to let my hair breathe a bit. I love extensions as a protective style but I am trying to grow my hair so it’s important for me to give it a break. Even protective styles can be damaging. When I do go back to extensions, I’m going to go long again and wavy baby.

Ultimate Beach Waves

The lovely folks at Kerastase took me to lunch a few months ago and gifted me with their Couture Styling collection. I’ve been falling in love with the collection ever since. I decided to test out one of the products I hadn’t used yet one day when I wanted to mix up the look of my sleek new haircut. I liked it so much I decided to film a YouTube video. While it takes me an eternity to film and edit these things I do like them now. It’s a very interesting process. Very different from traditional blogging but still similar.

Below are photos from the first day I tried the product, where I used less and the above photos are from the day I shot the video where I used a lot more of it. Check out the rest of Kerastase’s Couture Styling collection below. There are some real gems and must-haves.

Discover Your Scent

Commodity-Whisky-Paper-FragranceWhiskey Eau De Parfum  Commodity Goods . Paper Eau De Parfum  Commodity Goods . Skull Pyramid Necklace ℅ Mojak Jewelry . Necklace Salt and Stone

Had to fight with myself not to title this post “Hot Commodity” because I’m a cornball. Anyway Commodity Goods was kind enough to send over a Fitting Kit. It’s a great way to test out each scent they have available. If you didn’t know fragrances react differently once on your skin so it’s always a good idea to test out a fragrance before committing to the full size. I ended up choosing Whiskey a scent from the male offerings. It’s intoxicating and I love going out at night with it. I also chose Paper a great light daytime scent. This was probably my toughest choice because Gold is also REALLY good and Mimosa…man oh man. The packaging is great, the bottles have a nice weight and quality to them and the scents don’t fade. I’ll be back for more.

P.S.: I didn’t know until I went on the site for the links for this post but  they’re offering 55% OFF all 100ml bottles. Can you say score! Use code: SOMUCHWIN 

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