Bye Bye Bangs





It was a fun run, but I’m saying sayonara to my bangssss. I love Perfect Locks extensions and I’m happy to be their first “Lovely Lockette“. I’m taking a break from extensions to let my hair breathe a bit. I love extensions as a protective style but I am trying to grow my hair so it’s important for me to give it a break. Even protective styles can be damaging. When I do go back to extensions, I’m going to go long again and wavy baby.

9 Responses to Bye Bye Bangs

  1. You rocked the Cleopatra so well girl. <3
    Jana Rose Carrero recently posted..ON THE ROAD AGAIN

  2. This hairstyle was by far one of my favs. Sleek and chic. mmhmm

  3. I seriously love your look! You’re beautiful with or without extensions! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  4. i love your bangs…you look good with it….first time on your blog and love it
    ann recently posted..OOTD :yellow blazer

  5. You are very beautiful)))
    Stacy recently posted..Round sunglasses. My love!!!

  6. pretty <3

    visit mine,
    Miss Aa
    Avellia recently posted..Unconditional White

  7. Im sure anything u rock will look divine!!!

  8. This used to be my go to hairstyle when I was growing out my hair. I miss it! This is one my favorite looks on you so far! The hair seems to have held up nicely too.

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