This Is Who I Am In Levi’s

I feel like I’m sort of being annoying with all this video content…but ya know this is what I’ve been doing. A few months ago I filmed a project with Fabsugar and Levi’s. If you watch the video on their site you can peek into my office space. It really made me think about blogging and everything that I do and how much it means to be. I really hope that you enjoy the video I think Gio, my director and our whole team did an amazing job. It was my first time working with video like this and the experience couldn’t have been a better one. I learned so much and had lots of laughs. I hope that one day we can all work together again. We shot the shoot over two days.

P.S I want to give Holly Gowers my makeup artist and friend lots of thanks for doing my makeup on day two. She is a boss at what she does and just moved to New York and is simply killing it!

We ended up on a boat of course! The gingham checkered red dress is perfection by the way, you need it in your closet. It seems sold out on the website but I know you can still find it in stores. Also…I need this coated jumper! Seems so perfect for fall.

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    Thanks for the visit Ria! I love your blog and this Levi’s collaboration is such an amazing opportunity. I like your story and I feel scared a lot now but I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to where I want to be.

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    The video, in my opinion, is absolutely fabulous….
    I honestly loved the authenticity of it, the tone it had and way it was filmed.
    You had a great crew but they also had a great subject to work with

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    OH! MYGOD! RIA! What an amazing video!! You’re so right that if you’re not afraid, you’re not challenging yourself. I can’t get over how cool the shot at the beach during the storm is. So so cool great job


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