A Peek Inside

Hurley Hat Tops & Shorts c/o Touch Boutique Dolce Vita Jemma Zara Box Clutch

So I’ve been wanting to do a peek into my space for awhile but to be honest my office is always a mess with Filthy Magic orders, clothing and stacks on stacks of magazines. I have an easel that is just buried in purses…BURIED. With the rainy weather I decided to shoot this look I borrowed from Touch Boutique in Miami to wear to a little soiree inside. Matt loaned me his office space which is always cleaner than mine. He’s got lots of vinyl figures, art books, design stuff etc so it’s a neat space to be in. I always find something new to look at even if he hasn’t gotten anything new in.

I’m kind of a secret former nerd. I play SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) currently so I guess I still have my nerd card but I think it’s expired. I used to play WoW (World of Warcraft). I used to game a lot more on platforms too but I just don’t have the time. Not even for the Sims anymore. Major sadzies. I used to buy and read comics…lots of used to’s haha. I know Matt wonders what happened to that girl, I blame living in New York.

Touch Boutique
7231 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, Fl

Stop in if you’re in the Miami area, Cynthia is a doll. I’m actually hosting a fashion party there as well next week so I hope you’ll come out and have fun with me if you live in Miami.

41 Responses to A Peek Inside

  1. LOVE this… the layered look of that top with your mini reds are so cute.
    alyson recently posted..Outfit: This Sweater Might Go Back

  2. If you aren’t the cutest thing ever!!! I love the lace of your top and the bold red!
    Rocquelle recently posted..Striped and Stroked

  3. Love this! Especially the layering of the lace top.


  4. You look awesome. I love the layering of the tops – it’s pure perfection. I don’t have time for the Sims anymore either.
    Kirstin Marie recently posted..Hot like a highlighter

  5. i love this layered look! youre so pretty!

    steffy recently posted..there’s a place up ahead and i’m goin’, just as fast as my feet can fly.

  6. love this look & hyped on lb too. i really like how you wore the crochet top over a sleeveless blouse. ive seen similar crochet tops being worn everywhere but i think this is the first time ive seen it worn this way! great styling <3

  7. you look really pretty in those hill … and nice pictures too ….
    Laura recently posted..xbox 360 hdmi

  8. love that layered lace top!

    XO Sahra
    sahra recently posted..Neon Cool

  9. i really love this outfit. that top is so pretty with it’s lace details and so in love with those shorts!

    i don’t think i can ever get tired of my jemmas.

    can’t wait to go to this event and check out the store!
    lily recently posted..We are young

  10. Love your sense of style…everythiing just looks fantabulous on you!!
    fashionregion recently posted..Spring and Summer 2011 Fashion Trend Forecasting

  11. Love the color combination of your outfit!

  12. I absolutely love those boots and your shorts. The whole outfit is super chic and the setting makes it even cooler! x E

  13. Girl! I saw my sims disc the other day and thought, if i play this. I’ll lose at least 3 hours of my day playing this, and the new 3 version is way to easy to get lost in, and i know the cheats and all that stuff and still play and get lost in time! I love these pictures though! LONG legs for days girl!

  14. Youĺre so naturally beautiful, I wish more models were like you!
    vogueworld recently posted..Shirt: Invariant Romanticism Complex for Girl

  15. Awesome collection! At what age did you start collecting these items? Anyway, you look really fabulous and stunning with your outfit. Thanks for sharing this post!

    Georgiana recently posted..http://www.seductionfaq.com/blog/female-psychology/

  16. these photos are so cute
    I love the red lipstick on you
    your so pretty, and your outfit is so chic

  17. I love the way you layered the tops. Super cute! And so jelli of your long legs!
    Channing recently posted..Perfectly Polished: Dior Safari Beige

  18. love the layers!! the toys are awesome.. i love awesome vinyl toys!!

    hope you are amazing love!!

    annette recently posted..mesh tank dress and the parka.

  19. I love this outfit, so cute! You have great style

  20. I love the red shorts-very eyecatching and chic.

  21. Love this outfit. and Yayy!…I use to play WoW too. And I’m a huge fan of anything star wars! no games for me anymore though. Good to see a beautiful woman who is a nerd like me and has a great sense of style.

    MelavonD recently posted..537

  22. I used to play WoW too. Haven’t got the time nowadays though.

    What did you play? I played undead warlock.

    • I played a deathknight and a rogue. Definitely don’t have time for WoW anymore at all, but I quit while I was ahead haha.

  23. i love this outfit..so pretty and cool! the tops look great together!

  24. You’re so sweet and like also a fighter. Your lipstick is too much… Thanks for some nice photos.
    Nolan Orion recently posted..Celebs Taped

  25. Girl, your style is fly! I love it!

    Izumi recently posted..+ CRYSTAL NECKLACE GIVEWAY +

  26. perfect outfit!! love heels!! xx

  27. The white top is so cute, and the lipstick/short colour combo is a very nice touch!
    Caterina @ Not Just A Pretty Dress recently posted..INSTAGRAM-MED

  28. love the red pant.those pants are incredible and look lovely on you. I would like a pair of pants like that but I’m not sure if they would look as flattering. Lovely outfit!
    h-vogue recently posted..The Suit Rhapsody Adored By Women in Fall and Winter

  29. Oh my those shoes! And that short! Everything is just so beautiful. Love your fashion taste.
    h-fashion recently posted..Hot Tide Hit this Summer(1)

  30. very cute style!!!
    Pritta recently posted..Clair de Lune by Didi Budiardjo

  31. Aww man wish I would have seen this post earlier. I would have loved to attend and blog about the event!

  32. So simple, but so amazing! I love every piece you are wearing.

  33. Awesome outfit! love the way u wore that lace crop differently from how i’ve seen it!
    HK_Barbie recently posted..HK_Barbie: @Keirabug ohhhh I see

  34. I love that you’re a Star Wars nerd. That’s freakin’ cool. This outfit is amazing! I love the layered shirts, they look adorable together. And the red cut-offs are fantastic.

    May the force be with you.
    Emily recently posted..The forever cookie.

  35. Oh I love how you matched the crochet top with the blouse, inspiring! xx

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