A Lesson in Model Behavior

Gintare-Wilhelmina-2 Gintare-Wilhelmina

Gintare at Wilhelmina

I know I’m getting ridiculous with this Box Pleat Skater skirt but I styled this shoot long before I ever wore it on the blog. This is my version of an “end of the year recap” post. Here’s some work I did throughout the year that you may not have seen because I didn’t showcase it on the blog. Besides blogging and running an online boutique I do work as a fashion stylist when I can. It may be the toughest of all my jobs but I like the challenge. The first photo set is with Gintare. She is very much a high fashion girl and Danny Delgado (the photographer) and I wanted to commercialize her a bit.

Kayla Murr

Kayla Murr

Annie Helvey with Next Anna Helvey

Annie Helvey with Next Models

Diana Zalucky
Diana ZaluckyDiana Zalucky

Diana Zalucky Photography

The shots with Kayla and Annie were done by Simon Soong at TYE Studios. Sorry I don’t have high quality images, had to snag them off Facebook. The last photo set was a little shoot I did with Diana just out and about in a neighborhood nearby. Quick, easy, and fun. I think it turned out pretty chill. I’m my own worst critic so I’d love to know what you think of these looks/shoots. Happy New Year everyone and I hope it will be prosperous for us all and full of work we can get really excited about.

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    See this is what I believe stylist should have…range. So many women out there call themselves stylist and all they can put together is a bodycon dress and some heels. So i love to see all these different style in one post! Go Girl!