A Different Perspective

Secret Garden Vintage Print Tea Dress c/o Shoppalu Kathryn Amberleigh Linen Booties

Jewel Mint Here to Eternity Set

Obsessed with the back of this dress

All photos by Mayleen Gonzalez

You may have noticed I have a new sponsor on the blog, Shoppalu. They are a online vintage boutique, but they also carry new items as well. I love these kinds of stores because as much as I like vintage, I’m not a big thrifter. If you’re like me you can get in on the vintage fun without any of the work of thrifting. My current vintage faves are the Cobalt Pleated Button-Up Midi Skirt, the Orange Creamsicle Linen Top, and the 70s Tan Crochet Flare Skirt. On the new front, they carry favorites like One Teaspoon, Stylestalker, and Mink Pink. P.S. They do free shipping to US and Canada!

Do these photos look different to my regular readers? Mayleen is a friend of mine and a talented photographer in South Florida. I think she did a great job especially since I can be so awkward in front of the camera. I adore her detail shots. Her details are what I’ve been trying to get from Matt for awhile now. Don’t get me wrong, I love my usual images but I usually have to remind him to shoot my shoes and jewelry, Mayleen was asking me. I definitely want to shoot with her again just to keep things fresh here on the blog, plus she knows all the cool spots in Miami.


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    the last photo of you is soooo adorable. Mayleen did a great job shooting, framing is nice too. I want that jacket and the JewelMint pieces are super cute!

  2. says

    I love the details of the back of the dress, I always love me some crossed strings! :) I think I’d like the shoes more if they only had the strings without the fringe. But that’s just me being ultra picky ahah

    xo Joana

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      Ahhhh I like that I can move the strings around to hide the fringe if I wanted to. But I totally understand, Im super picky too. :)

      • says

        Yeah, I guess with so much choice available we do need to be picky or else we end up buying everything in sight! Sometimes I feel like buying something, but then I think of how I have a million other things that are already a lot like the one I want to buy. This happens a lot when it comes to black handbags ahah

        xo Joana

    • says

      Thanks. It needs a major overhaul but sometimes I have decent enough hair days. ;)

      The Here to Eternity set rekindled my love for JewelMint.

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    Vintage is cool! I’ve found some real gems at thrift stores. As long as the clothes are clean and whole I don’t mind buying second hand.

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    Your just as stunning as they come! Love the dress and love it on you! It gives you that girly chic look that has been popping this spring season. Although your not going bright but just calm colors, I still give it up to you.

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    Beautiful! I can’t get over the fact that you played this dress and made it look so chic without having to wear bright colors this spring season like most girls would.

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    I love your style!! In love with this whole look but really want your dress and shoes!!! And so love your hair. I wish I could rock the colorful streaks.

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    Tese shots do look diff, but I like them! I love ur back in that dress! I need to check them out. I’m not a big thrifter of clothes.