It’s A Wig!

It's A Wig! WigBlonde Wig Review

HH Yaki 1820 in P2220 c/o It’s A Wig!

Not sure why my tongue is out in each photo of me in this wig ha. Hope you enjoy and find my review of this wig helpful.

8 Responses to It’s A Wig!

  1. It is in HD!
    Melissa recently posted..Neon

    • Ahhh okay! I see that now, when I first uploaded it I guess 720 wasn’t available but now it is. Still my camera shoots better than that. Must be my output settings.


  2. Yeah youtube usually takes a while to process HD after you upload. And btw, you look awesome in blond!
    Melissa recently posted..Neon

  3. I may or may not have photoshopped my hair this color while procrastinating for finals and I may or may not be committing to the color soon–hah! I’ve never colored my hair chemically so I just wanna get that out of my system but I totally never thought about wigs. Love this color on you so much. We’re about the same complexion so its good to see it irl (on the internet) before I commit!
    Melanie recently posted..Tartan Time

    • Hahaha, amazing! Yeah I’d definitely suggest a really great wig. I dyed my hair when I was young and it’s never been the same.

      I definitely want to go blonde….it’s been something I’ve been dabbling with…but…I’d probably do a wig as well. No way I’m dying my hair again.


  4. Yes we all had our blond moments mhmhm beyonce…
    love how it looks with the hats it does look more natural

    Gissi Jimenez recently posted..Travel Diary: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  5. you loook incredibleeee!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Wow! You look like Beyonce!

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