5 Days / One Piece

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you may have already come across these videos. I wanted to share them with you my lovely readers though. I’m so excited to see the final product of this amazing collaboration with Macy’s and Nicole Richie’s Impusle Collection launch. They sent me a piece which I styled 5 different ways for 5 different videos. I’m a re-wearer. If I love it, you will see me in it multiple times. So this was a cool project for me because I do try to find interesting and different ways to wear the same things in my wardrobe. I wanna thank my friend Lily for joining me at one of our favorite places in Miami to go together. Day 3 and Day 5 are my favorite videos. Which ones do you like?

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This is a sponsored post but all opinions & fun had are obviously my own.


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      Thanks babe! I felt like Day 1 had too much of my face doing stuff haha. :p Day 5 is of course the easiest because having my friend there made things so natural.

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    So so cute! I loved all the videos, looks like major fun. Btw, I’m a total re-wearer too. If I love something, I just keep wearing it over and over, ha.

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    I had yet to see all of these.
    I love them, they are adorable. You are such a magnificent little creature, so carefree and effortless in these videos. I am not a huge vlog fan, but I think little minettes like these suite your style.

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    YOU ARE KILLING IT!!! I love these vids and the one you did for Levi’s! Super amazing!
    You look so gorgeous and natural. I’m so excited about all these projects you are working on – can’t wait to see what is next!


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    Ummmm….honestly, I love them all but your makeup looks extra fabulous at the Panther Cafe shoot.
    You guys both look gorgeous at the Standard lunch…
    I can’t pick a favorite…you just look beautiful in each video!

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    I loved every single video and look, to be honest I forgot you were styling one piece cuz each look completely different :) and I ADORED your bubbly personality your defiantly very inspiring :)

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    I’ve seen a few of these on FB, but not all of them until now. I love the music in video 1 and the behind the scenes stuff in video 2, but I think video 3 is my fave.

    You look great in all of them though–congrats!